“Don’t Forget

Do Not Forget that Dirty Dancing has a Powerful Prochoice Message

One of the main fallacies in the arguments of anti-abortion activists is that making the procedure illegal will eradicate it (it’s much more complicated than that). As history shows, pregnant people will still seek out abortions, and if they can’t do that safely, they’ll risk their own life. Ever seen Spring Awakening? Or a little…

“Don’t weekend's

This weekend’s total lunar eclipse is worth your time

Lunar phases come and go, but the one passing through Earth’s shadow this weekend will take its time in the limelight. From Sunday evening to early Monday, our pearly satellite will lapse into a total lunar eclipse, as well as its “super flower blood moon” phase. The first hints of darkness will appear on its…

“Don’t Smokers

Some Smokers Don’t Get Lung Cancer; Genetics Might Be Why

May 12, 2022 – Some smokers might not get lung cancer because of their DNA, researchers report in a new study.These people have genes that help limit mutations, or changes, to DNA that would turn cells malignant and make them grow into tumors, the researchers say.Scientists have long suspected that smoking leads to lung cancer…

“Don’t Breath’

Don’t Hold Your Breath for a Supreme Court Leak Investigation

Last week, hours after Politico published a stunning leaked draft opinion indicating that the Supreme Court was set to overturn Roe v. Wade, Chief Justice John Roberts called on the high court’s marshal to open an investigation into the source of this “singular and egregious breach” of trust. How the marshal would enforce the probe…

“Don’t blame

Do not blame the government — blame yourself

Sometimes people will write to me complaining that the government, specifically the Social Security Administration, has messed up and cheated them out of benefits they might have been due. But many times, the fault (to trivialize a famous line from Shakespeare’s play, “Julius Caesar”) is not in our government, but in ourselves. Here are some…

“Don’t Video

Video: Why they don’t make grade B maple syrup anymore

Credit: The American Chemical Society Are you a grade B maple syrup fan? For a lot of maple syrup connoisseurs, grade B was always the go-to syrup. It’s dark, caramelly, rich, complex. But unfortunately, you can’t get it anymore. To understand why, we have to look at the science behind the whole process, from sap…

“Don’t Smart

Your WiFi and smart home don’t get along. What now?

This story has been updated. It was originally published on July 27, 2019. Still, there are some common threads at play, so if you run into problems with your supposedly-futuristic smart home crapping out, here are some things we recommend trying before you give up and return everything in a fit of rage. Move the…

“Don’t Planet—Just

You Don’t Have to Quit Meat to Save the Planet–Just Eat Less

In April, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change dropped a gargantuan report examining how humans might mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. The entire report runs almost 3,000 pages, but the bit you really need to know about comes 50 pages in and lists all the ways we can reduce emissions right now.Switching to…

“Don’t Airplane

Why don’t plane tires explode?

frank_peters/Shutterstock Hundreds of thousands of planes land every day, rolling down the tarmac at 170 miles per hour while carrying thousands of pounds of weight. Why don’t airplane tires give under these extreme conditions? The answer isn’t as white or black as many believe. Airplane tires have not always been safe. In 1987, the FAA…

“Don’t Amazon’s

Amazon’s Pet Day Sale: Huge Discounts Today Only