Go-To Olympians

Six Olympians on the Go-To Deodorants that Saw Them Through Games

The close of the Tokyo Olympics this past weekend brought forth all the concentrated emotions we’ve come to expect from this uncanny mid-pandemic display of athleticism. The women’s volleyball team clinched its first, long-awaited gold. Five-time Olympian Allyson Felix, who has been candid about the need for maternity protections in sports, won bronze in the…

Olympians winning

Winning Olympians are having a Zoom moment straight after victory

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are well and truly underway, albeit a year late. The delay was of course down to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with Japan currently grappling with a fifth wave of infections. Despite the latest surge, it appears as if the show will go on, with the Olympic organizers’ anti-infection measures…

Olympians reminds

IOC reminds Olympians: No hugging on podium

The IOC sent a reminder to athletes that hugging and going mask-less on the medal podium breaches guidelines for the Tokyo Olympics.

Chant Olympians

U.S. Olympians Chant Jill Biden’s Name As First Lady Cheers On Swimmers In Tokyo

Members of the U.S. swimming team cheered and chanted from the stands for U.S. first lady Jill Biden, who sat across the pool and waved as swimming kicked off. Without fans in the 15,000-seat Tokyo Aquatics Centre on Saturday, masked teams had ample room to spread out in socially distanced seats above the deck. The…