impression Video

Video: Impression of Webb’s journey to space

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain The James Webb Space Telescope will be the largest, most powerful telescope ever launched into space. Webb’s flight into orbit will take place on an Ariane 5 rocket from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. Webb is the next great space science observatory, designed to answer outstanding questions about the Universe and…

Snapchat Video

How to Add Snapchat Video Filters to Microsoft Teams

Snapchat video filters offer a fun and creative way to present yourself by using your webcam to superimpose lenses on your face. You can integrate these filters with Microsoft Teams in your next meeting. Here’s how. How to Enable Snapchat Video Filters in Microsoft Teams To turn on Snapchat video filters in Microsoft Teams, start…

Alexandr Video

Video: Alexandr Romanov pummels Jared Vanderaa in bloody TKO at UFC Fight Night 194

Watch Alexandr Romanov’s vicious TKO finish over Jared Vanderaa at Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 194…

Unearthed Video

Unearthed video shows N.C. Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson calling homosexuality “filth”

At least one North Carolina state senator is calling on Mark Robinson, the state’s lieutenant governor, to resign following the release of an unearthed video in which Robinson derides members of the LBTGQ+ community as “filth.” “There’s no debate here,” said state Sen. Jeff Jackson, a Democrat. “This is open discrimination. It is completely unacceptable.…

Grand Video


Rediffusion de l’émission ‘Grand Prix’, le talk de la F1, du lundi 4 octobre avec comme sujet principal l’avènement du Moyen-Orient au calendrier de la Formule 1. On a également parlé du GP de Turquie, qui aura lieu ce week-end, et du combat psychologique entre Lewis Hamilton et Max Verstappen…

Shocking Video

Shocking video shows attacker shoving woman into train at Times Square

Shocking new video captures the moment an attacker randomly shoved a woman into the side of an arriving train at Times Square this week.  The video, released by the NYPD, shows the bandana-wearing female suspect sitting on a bench on the platform just after 8 a.m. Monday — and getting up to push the 42-year-old…

Doorbell Video

Ring Video Doorbell gets Halloween-themed Quick Replies

Amazon’s Ring has rolled out new Quick Replies for the Halloween season, giving Ring Video Doorbell owners access to some mildly creepy quick replies for those times you’re away from home. The Quick Replies, as with the Halloween-themed ringtones, are a temporary offering to add a bit of amusement for holiday visitors. Ring Video Doorbell…

gifts Video

Best Star Wars gifts for 2021, from video games and figures to Baby Yoda plush

Star Wars has pivoted towards TV in a big way, with Disney Plus shows like the anime-inspired Visions, the Bad Batch, the upcming Boba Fett series, the third season of The Mandalorian, and a bunch of others. These new stories will no doubt spawn enough new Star Wars merchandise to fill a Death Star, as if there wasn’t…

Squirrel Video

Video: Squirrel Enjoys Listening to a Professor of Music Practice His Saxophone at a Park

A heartwarming video of a squirrel watching attentively as a professor of music at Oklahoma Christian University practices his saxophone at a park has tugged at netizens’ heartstrings. “He acted like a little person and really seemed like he liked the music I was playing,” Heath Jones, 51, told The Epoch Times via email. (Screenshot/Viralhog)Jones,…

Slack's Video

Slack’s new video tool is @here—and you might already be able to use it

Video updates and cross-company digital chats in the place of meetings are part of the vision Slack has for the future of hybrid working. The messaging platform announced these new features, among others, on Tuesday at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference.  Perhaps the most buzzed-about change is “clips,” a video creation and sharing tool Slack teased and…