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Fred Parris Died: Singer on ‘In The Still Of The Night’ By The Five Satins Was 85

“The Five Satins family is devastated by this loss but appreciative of having shared Fred’s music with thousands of fans and friends,” the group said. The song didn’t chart highly upon its first release, but grew in the years after to personify the era of vocal groups thanks to constant airplay. It has been recorded…

The Five Satins Family is deeply grieved but grateful to have shared Fred’s music and friendship with thousands of people,” the group stated.

Although the song did not chart well upon its initial release, it grew steadily in popularity over the years and became a symbol of the era’s vocal groups through constant airplay. It has been recorded by such artists as Boyz II Men and Debbie Gibson, and has been featured in such films as The Buddy Holly Story, Dirty Dancing and The Irishman.

The group stated that Parris’ iconic song was “recognized” as “one of the greatest love songs ever written and the most requested song in the doo-wop era .”


“In the still of the night” is sometimes referred to as “In the still o the Nite”, in order to avoid confusion with a 1937 Cole Porter song of the same title.

Parris grew up in New Haven, Conn. and wrote the song’s lyrics while

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