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Khadas’ Tea DAC is a compelling MagSafe accessories

As more music streaming services introduce lossless or high-definition audio to their offerings, interest in DACs (digital-to-analog converters, or “headphone amplifiers”) has picked up pace — so much so we created this guide. What was once the reserve of audiophiles is slowly becoming a go-to gadget for those who want more than what their phone…

Compelling Military

The most compelling military tech stories from the land, air, and sea this year

The biggest military news of the year revolved around the chaotic and dramatic US evacuation from Afghanistan as the Taliban took over the country in August.  While that series of historic events rightfully captured the biggest headlines, developments large and small in the military technology space also made news throughout 2021. Some of the more…

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Compelling Short-Term Upside By TipRanks

© Reuters. Dole Stock: Compelling Short- and Long-Term UpsideDole (DOLE) is a global leader in the fresh fruits and vegetable industry.The company offers more than 300 products produced and sourced from more than 30 countries, which are then distributed in over 80 countries through retail, wholesale, and foodservice channels.In my view, Dole is rather quite…