Here’s How The CDC Says You Should Celebrate The Holidays This Year

Topline The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued new guidance with best practices for safe holiday gatherings this year, which encourage outdoor and virtual events over indoor celebrations as Covid-19 and the highly infectious delta variant remain a threat. The CDC encourages Americans to celebrate the holidays virtually or by gathering outdoors…

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Here’s What 30 Minutes of Jump Rope for a Month Did to This Guy’s Body

For his most recent one month physical challenge, Cam Jones (one half of YouTube’s Goal Guys) followed his brother Brendan’s example and set out to jump rope every single day for 30 days.After acquiring a simple speed rope and a 1-pound weighted rope, Cam assigns himself a target of doing 30 minutes each day. But…

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Here’s what’s at stake on season’s final day

Here’s what’s at stake on season’s final day

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#NigeriaAt61 — Here’s Five Artists You Didn’t Know Were Nigerian

Today is Nigerian Independence Day and some of your favorite rap stars are celebrating as well! Many Nigerian artists have made major waves in the rap music industry — here are a few: 278 Views Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, professionally known as Nas, touts his Queensbridge upbringing, but his roots go further back.  His…

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Here’s When Every Y: The Last Man Episode Will Hit Hulu

After many, many years of production hell, the adaptation of Y: The Last Man—based on the beloved comic series of the same name from writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Pia Guerra—has finally made its way to television. Or, well, streaming television, as the show is an exclusive production of the FX on Hulu collection.…

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Here’s How I Lost Nearly 40 Pounds and Got Shredded in 11 Weeks

Ibby, 33, from Manchester in the United Kingdom, tells Men’s Health how he lost weight, built muscle, and changed his outlook on life by pursuing an 11-week transformation program.When I was at my heaviest, I felt depressed and very unhappy. I was 31 years old, and I was 196 pounds. The weight had piled up…

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Here’s what needs to happen for Dodgers to pass Giants and win NL West

The Dodgers are two games behind the Giants in the NL West with six games remaining. The second-place team will play a one-game playoff, likely against the Cardinals.

'Heavenly Here’s

Here’s the Heavenly and Hellacious Soundtrack to Netflix’s Midnight Mass

Netflix’s latest horror limited series from writer/director Mike Flanagan, Midnight Mass, is set on a small, remote island. The show explores the ideas of religion, belief, forgiveness, and asks the age-old question of whether or not people can change and ideas can evolve. So given all that, it’s natural that we get a soundtrack that…

Here’s Robinhood

Here’s what Robinhood executives allegedly said internally at the height of the GameStop short squeeze

Vlad Tenev, CEO and Co-Founder of Robinhood, in his office on July 15, 2021 in Menlo Park, California.Kimberly White | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty ImagesRobinhood executives had a lot to talk about the week Reddit users were driving a historic short squeeze in GameStop.New documents in a lawsuit allegedly show internal conversations between executives…

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Here’s how you can upgrade to Windows 11 early

Microsoft will begin rolling out Windows 11 on October 5.  However, the company has finalised the new version and released it to its Release Preview channel. You can switch to the Release Preview in Windows 10 and get the free Windows 11 upgrade early. Here’s how you can get the free Windows 11 upgrade: First…