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The Queen Elizabeth makes her first public appearance at the Horse Show in Weeks

LONDON (AP) — Queen Elizabeth II attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show on Friday, watching her beloved equines from the comfort of a Range Rover before walking to her box in her first public appearance in person in weeks.The monarch sat in the front passenger seat and spoke to a small group through the window…

LONDON(AP) — Queen Elizabeth I attended Friday’s Royal Windsor Horse Show. She watched her beloved horses from the safety of a Range Rover, before making her way to her box. This was her first public appearance in public in several weeks. The monarch sat in front of the passenger seat and spoke with a small group via the window as she pulled up to the parade ground, near Windsor Castle. This is where she had spent most of her time for the past two decades. While dozens of photographers tried to capture the moment, the queen appeared relaxed and smiled as she walked past dozens of photographers.

The queen’s public appearances will be closely monitored as Britain prepares for four days of celebrations June 2-5 to mark the monarch’s 70 year on the throne.

Elizabeth, 96, has curtailed her schedule in recent months as she recovered from COVID-19 and coped with unspecified difficulties in moving around.

On Tuesday, she asked Prince

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